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Welcome at the website of our midwifery practice
Our midwifery practice is situated in Meppel and The Wolden, which represent the following villages: Ruinen, Ruinerwold, Veeningen, de Wijk, IJhorst, Koekange, Rogat, Nijeveen and Wanneperveen. We also guide pregnant women from Dwingeloo and Diever who want to give birth at BETHESDA hospital in Hoogeveen or the ISALA hospital in Zwolle.

Urgent medical assistance
For urgent questions (like blood loss), the onset of labour and to let us know you came home from the hospital please call our cellphone 06-55945851.
You can reach the midwife on duty 24 hours a day on this number.
If in any case our cell-number is repeatedly unanswered please call the doorman of the neighbour midwifery practice in Staphorst at 06-50432716 and ask them to contact us. 

For less urgent questions and to make an appointment
Please call our assistents Rianne or Ans daily between 09.30h and 11.30 h at: 0522-245173

The office address
Schoolstraat 4
7941 CA Meppel

Our office is situated in the Health Centre " Spectrum Medisch Centrum".  

We have information by leaflets in the following languages:

  • Engels
  • Arabic
  • Turkish
  • German
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • Polish
  • Somalic
  • Papiemento


Please click on the leaflet to read the content.